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VAT regulations: a new hassle for business firms

United Arab Emirates (UAE’s) introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) in the form of law has created a stir in the business world. The law has imposed new taxes on goods and services business firms offer.

Adept Management Consultants offers best VAT services.

Adept Management Consultants is an established firm in Dubai having specialization in auditing and accounting. Our team is highly qualified and has a huge experience in how to cope with VAT/tax regulations as per the needs of business firms. Our team of experts makes sure that business firms, especially the startups, don’t give up on their business venture in the face of new taxes coming in the wake of VAT law and focus on enhancing their core businesses.

VAT services on offer!

Our team of consultant vis-à-vis VAT at Adept Management Consultants provide following services.

VAT consultation/Advisory: Our team of VAT consultants helps business firms understand VAT regulations regarding their businesses.
VAT Registration: VAT registration can turn out to be tricky for business firms. For how to cope with all the nuances of registration under VAT law, business firms need expertise of VAT consultants. Our team of VAT consultants provides thorough guidance about business firms’ registration under VAT law.
VAT implementation: Our team of experts at Adept Management helps business firms in successful implementation of VAT regulations.
VAT-compliant Bookkeeping: Our VAT consultants keep the record of business transactions of firms and make sure they are done in compliance with VAT regulations. Non-compliance results in penalty.
VAT Returns: VAT consultants at Adept Management help business firms to file VAT returns on monthly basis on time.
VAT Recovery: Business firms are entitled for reimbursement from FTA in case their input VAT exceeds their output VAT. Our consultants help business firms to get reimbursement via fulfilling legal requirements.
If you are interested to save your business firm against VAT regulations in an economical way, get in touch with Adept Management Consultants!
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