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Formation of free zone companies known as (formation of free zone companies or formation of special economic zone companies or formation of free zone companies). Free zones are nominated regions within the UAE where the private investor can have 100% ownership of their business, unlike on the mainland. This makes the free zone the most successful location in the United Arab Emirates for international business operations. The government of the United Arab Emirates has given these incentives to expatriates to bring their businesses to this region. The UAE government is doing everything possible to make its free zone the most important commercial center in the world.

In the UAE there are almost 34 free zones. The main free zones are home to more than 5,000 companies. Even the investors can consider the UAE Free Zones as a treasure in the whole world. The freedom to do business combined with a tax-free or tax-free jurisdiction makes the UAE Free Zones unique for establishing businesses.

Political stability, law and order, safety of life, rapid economic growth, tax haven status, and ease of doing business are the key charms of the UAE.

Freezone Company setup in Dubai

As a leading business consultant in the UAE and Dubai, Dubai Business Centers specializes in setting up companies in the Dubai Free Zone and all UAE Free Zones.

We are the trusted consultants and advisors for companies and individuals from all over the world who want to establish a company in the Dubai Free Zone or want to expand their existing business in the Free Zones. We have local experience and a global presence to advise on the best possible structure, reduce risks and guide you with the correct procedures to start a company or business in Dubai or any free zone.

We not only provide incorporation services, but also offer the business support service such as employment visas, investor visas, trademark registration, etc.

Free Zones allow foreign firms to have 100% ownership of business.
Businesses in Free Zones have the luxury of virtual offices which means they can be operated from homes as well.
Business firms in Free Zones can be in contact with wide range of businesses as UAE has 30 free zones.
The best part about setting up a business in Free Zone is economical as the annual cost of setting up cost starts from $3500.
Business firms in free zones have the advantage of no minimum capital requirement.
Business in Free Zones save time and is hassles-free as the business firms get incorporated within two to three days.
Business firms in Free Zones can have bank accounts.
If you want to expand scope of your business internationally, get in touch with our professional team at Adept Management Consultants which will assist you with all the dimensions of launching a business in a Free Zone Company Registration Dubai.
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